YouTube Panel: YouTube

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM Location: Meeting Room 202 A

This panel will discuss the highs and lows of becoming a certified “YouTuber,” and the business side of creating content online. The topics include, starting your channel, maintaining viewership and how to parley Youtube success into more traditional forms of media.


ModeratorJohn Carle

Vice President of Network Talent and cosplayer himself, John Carle helps guide creators in taking their hobby and turning it into a real business. With Geek Culture being turned into mainstream, there is no better time for someone to share their fandom with the world.

Speaker- Jenny Lorenzo

Jenny Lorenzo’s youth involved jumping through green pipes, outrunning large Jumanji stampedes, and eating more pizza than Michelangelo himself. This is why she has spent the last four years hosting an award-winning vlog called Geekgasm on the Aggressive Comix channel where she talks, rants, and raves about any and all things geek-related! Her love for creating original online content got her a Geekie Award for Best Personality in 2014 and led her to BuzzFeed Motion Pictures where she produces more fun and sharable videos for the You of Tubes.

Speaker-Trisha Hershberger

Trisha Hershberger is an online host & producer who has been featured on channels like DNews, The Philip Defranco
Show, Epic Meal Time, The Fine Bros, ScreenJunkies, TechnoBuffalo, Smosh & more. She won two Streamy Awards as a full-time cast member with Sourcefed & SourcefedNerd and now owns and operates her own production company, creating content for her own YouTube
& Twitch channels and for The Escapist.

Speaker-Sean Long

Sean Long has been cosplaying and making parody videos for almost a decade. His youtube channel has over 200,000 Subscribers and 250 Million Views. He also is well know for reviewing action figures, movies, and video games. He travels all over the country to different conventions to meet people in his cosplay.

Speaker-Keaghlan Ashley

Keaghlan Ashley is a freelance Special Makeup Effects artist who was seen on SyFy’s hit show Face Off. In addition to working in the film and television industry she often works hand in hand with some of Youtube’s biggest names. When she’s not designing and creating original characters, she works with the cosplay community bringing Pop Culture characters to life. She’s also an actor and singer who’s work can be seen on stage and screen.


Cosplay Photography Workshop: Rulison Photography

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM Loctaion: Meeting Room 202 B

Whether you’re a photographer or cosplayer we have something for everyone.  Covering topics on proper etiquette for cosplayer interaction, cameras, lenses, lighting, and background.  We will walk you through a live photoshoot and discuss each piece including a simple photo editing and posting to your favorite social media outlets.  This is more then a panel this is a workshop.  A cosplayer in attendance will be selected for the live photo shoot.

Photo Panel

Moderator-James Rulison

James honed his skills photographing professional and extreme sports.  With thirteen magazine covers to his name and several thousand images published internationally he is no stranger to what makes a picture work.  After moving to internet video he now spends his weekends taking pictures of cosplayers and conventions.

Speaker- Eric Ng

Bigwhitebazooka Photography / Eric Ng is a freelance photographer, educator, and concept designer who’s mission is to create and capture dynamic lifestyles and creative cultures.  Currently he is dreaming of future photoshoots and is recognized as an ambassador for  His work can be seen published in his book, Project:Bazooka.

Speaker-Trevor Toma

Trevor Toma is a freelance multimedia artist and photographer based in Long Beach. Trained in animation Trevor applies an illustrative style to his photographic work. His work in cosplay photography garnered attention from Cinema Makeup School, leading to him photographing the sfx makeup of artists such as Mike Elizalde and Neill Gorton

Speaker-Jon York/York In A Box

York In A Box has been a cosplay photographer for over 3 years and convention goer for over 15 years. He originally started taking photos to help his friends, but now you can see his work featured in cosplay magazines, books, and many geek news websites! He is a Sony shooter and loves good bokeh.

Speaker-Marie Sturges

Marie Sturges is a cosplayer and photographer based in Los Angeles. She’s been working in the industry for 6 years and specializes in actor headshots and cosplay photography. Her work has been published in Men vs. Cosplay, a calendar focused on featuring the talents of male cosplayers and in iCosplay Magazine, a periodical dedicated to promoting the art of cosplay. Marie has worked with many well known cosplayers and actors such as Yoshi Sudarso, the Blue Dino Ranger in the current season of Power Rangers.


The LGBT Cosplayer Panel

Time: 1:00PM- 2:00PM Location: Meeting Room 202 C

Join prominent LGBT cosplayers as they gather to discuss the hot topic issues that face their community today, such as the battle between Hypersexuality vs. Conservatism in Cosplay, “Coming Out” in the Eye of Social Media, Overcoming Prejudice & Adversity, and the perception of LGBT cosplayers on the convention circuit, and more!

final lgbt

Moderator-Chris Riley

Chris Riley is the Executive Producer of Geek Pride (the LGBT Division of Club Cosplay), President of Geek PR providing public relation/brand management services to cosplayer and social media stars, is on the production staff of various pop culture conventions such as WhedonCon and Pride Con. He has been cosplaying since 2005 and is known in the industry for his genderbent cosplay.

Speaker- Michelle La Belle

With ten years worth of conventions under her belt, this proud Puerto Rican has taken the Cosplay world by storm. Not only a professional entertainer, this activist works with PRISM as a Cosplay Ambassador to aid in creating greater visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ community within the convention circuit.

Speaker-Stephanie Storm

Stephanie Storm is an actress, dancer, cosplayer.  She began acting at age 2 and hasn’t stopped since.  In 2014, with encouragement from friends, she began cosplaying and has remained a pretty steady member of the community to this day. She is a huge enforcer of Cospositvity and encourages everyone to cosplay what they want without shame. Everyone is beautiful so don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Stephanie represents the B in the LGBT community.

Speaker-Jayk Knight

Jayk Knight began cosplaying in 2005. He does costume commissions and wig-work as well. Jayk enjoys doing genderbent cosplay and as a gaymer & anime fan, he loves to portray Nintendo and Final Fantasy characters. In addition he is stage performer for Geek Pride Entertainment. In college he was on the executive cabinet of the LGBT group on campus. They held weekly meetings and produced events on campus for various LGBT issues at the time.

Speaker-Spencer Neustadt

Spencer Neustadt has spent most of his life geeking out over X-Men comics, anime, Disney, Doctor Who and Legend of Zelda. He fell into the world of cosplay a little over a year ago, and it has been a whirlwind of fabric, glues, and paints ever since. A few of his favorite cosplays include gender bent Chibi Moon, Kid Apocalypse from X-Men, armored Marshall Lee from Adventure Time, and Toto Sakigami from Deadman Wonderland. Spencer attended Emerson College in Boston where he majored in acting and worked on his masters in broadcast journalism. Currently living in Los Angeles, Spencer is the post-production coordinator for MTV’s Real World.


Cosplay Groups For Charity Panel

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM Meeting Room 201 B

Have you heard of cosplayers that give back to their communities through their art? Join them in discussion about what they’ve experienced, how to become a member of their respective groups, what
it means to them or how to get involved in events like fundraisers, hospital visits and volunteering. Simply by using skills you already have, and sharing them with others, you can help someone have a better


Moderator-Terrance Thompson/Amazing T Cosplay

Terrance is a Graphic Designer affiliated with the Agents of COSPLAY, Bat In The Sun Productions, the SCF (just to name a few) and is a cosplayer himself since 1999. He is an active member and club officer
of multiple cosplay groups that has participated in many events to bring smiles to those that need something to smile about. He is a geek that believes in service with a background in Healthcare and the US
Armed Forces. A cosplay ambassador that has given many volunteer hours working with groups and organizations like City of Hope, Make a Wish Foundation, Heroes Alliance, Kids Can Cosplay, Avengers Initiative.

Speaker Mark Chu Lin/Avengers Initiative/501st Legion

Mark possesses over 20 years of experience in costuming. He currently serves as the club president for the Avenger Initiative, a volunteer Marvel costuming group with chapters ranging from Hawaii to the East
Coast. Mark is also an active member of the 501st Legion where he formerly served as group¹s Captain of the Guard and also served as the chapter leader for the Central California Garrison for several years.
Through both costuming clubs, Mark has over 10 years of experience planning pediatric activities for organizations like MakeAWish, Shriners Hospital for Children and Ronald McDonald House.

Speaker- Jay Holliday/Kids Can Cosplay

Kids Can Cosplay is a Non-Profit Organization group that bring smiles to kids all over. We do many charity events and visitations throughout southern California at hospitals, homeless shelters and other private groups, entertaining kids with cosplayers, activities, stories and

Speaker-Kristin Marie

Kristin is an avid supporter of volunteer efforts for children and their families who are affected by chronic and terminal illnesses and economic hardships. She has volunteered with the Avenger¹s Initiative, Combat Radio¹s Annual Christmas Event for Homeless Children, and the Make a Wish Foundation. Her love for charity began at the young age of 4 when she would participate in dance recitals at the local convalescent homes as well as collect and distribute stuffed animals to the elderly. Kristin began working with the Walt Disney Co. as a princess in 1999 and worked with the Make a Wish Foundation through Disney for almost 10 years.

Speaker-Shawn Ritcher

Shawn Richter is a co-founder of The Marvel Report and an avidcosplayer.  Primarily cosplaying as different versions of CaptainAmerica, Shawn can be found at local comic conventions with his son
Gavin who also has a wide variety of super hero costumes.  As a parent, cosplaying for charity is a passion for Shawn, especially when it involves children.  He has done numerous appearances at hospitals,
events and benefits in Southern California.


DisneyBounding: Where fashion geeks and Disney nerds collide!

Time: 2:00PM-3:00PM Location: Meeting Room 202 A

Using clothes and popular fashion trends to recreate your favorite Disney character’s costume – DisneyBounding has become a way for Disney lovers world-wide to express their love for the fandom.


Moderator-Leslie Kay

Leslie Kay started posting style boards inspired by Disney’s Rapunzel  and within a week, her blog went viral and  Disney fans from around the globe were sending suggestions for style boards they would like to see based on their favorite characters. Leslie has collaborated with Disney acting as a spokesperson for the RunDisney program, a guest blogger on Disney Style, and  featured on DVD releases for Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Speaker- Leo Camacho

Leo Camacho is a Youtuber, cosplayer, Disney enthusiast and pop-culture show host. Making the world better as media and outreach at XPRIZE. Has Magical eyebrows that absorb the suns rays and give him super powers.

Speaker-Sarah Sterling

Sarah Sterling is a Disney YouTuber, cosplayer and DisneyBounder. She makes weekly videos on her channel, as well as on “Thingamavlogs” a channel that posts Disney content every weekday. You can also find her hosting “Disney Movie News” on Afterbuzz TV

Speaker-David Rubilar

Is  a Media Arts and Animation graduate. He first become known for his Rufio cosplay and the many costumes he has created for friends. An avid Convention and Disneyland attendee, where he tends to show most of his creative works. He’s a life long geek, collector, and creator.”

Speaker-Lizzy Jones

Lizzy Jones (aka SoundProofLiz) is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Disney, and musicals. She aims to spread positivity and humor through her online content in hopes that everyone accepts it’s okay to never grow up. She also thinks writing about herself in the third person is very weird.

Speaker-Traci Hines

Singer/Songwriter, Designer, Voice Actor & YouTuber, (most known for her Disney inspired music videos & Hipster Mermaid webseries).
When she’s not singing in princess costumes or flopping around in a mermaid tail, she’s designing for & running her clothing line, Adorkable Apparel, which takes much of its inspo from mermaids, fantasies and fairytales. Her Adorkable merch is often seen in the Disneybounding community, with her signature Urban Mermaid Seashell tops making the biggest splash.


Cosplay Makeup and BodyPaint 101:

Time 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Location: Meeting Room 202 B

This panel will give an overview of the most common types of body paint, application methods, also contour, highlighting, and detailing!

Final Makeup


Speaker- Chrissy Lynn

Chrissy Lynn is an LA local MUAH/Cosplayer. A natural “go-to” in the community for SFX, body paint, hair and wig styling, she’s spoken on many panels from “Cosplay Makeup 101” to “Body Positivity” at both Comikaze and San Diego Comicon. Her most recent work has been seen on Bat in the Sun’s “Superpower Beat Down”.

Speaker-Amber Brite

Amber Brite is a professional prop-maker & special effects artist, specializing in bringing Star Wars aliens to life.  She has been cosplaying since before it was called cosplay, and spends almost as much time painted blue as she does her normal skin color.​​

Speaker-Courtney Leigh

Courtney Leigh is a cosplayer, makeup artist, editor, and owner of Courtney Leigh Creations, where she has made over 800 costumes so far for theatre, fashion shows, fan films and cosplayers all over the world.

Speaker-Linz Stanley

Linz Stanley is a cosplayer, host, and makeup artist from Orange County. This SoCal native specializes in body painting and “cosplay” beauty makeup. When she’s not working or going to grad school, Linz is getting “dreadfully delightful” with her new clothing line “Living Skeletonz”.


Down and Dirty!: Costuming and Armor making with the Mandalorian Mercs.

Time: 2:00PM-3:00PM Location: Meeting Room 202 C

This panel will be discussing the purpose and function of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club as the 3rd Largest Lucasfilm Ltd. sanctioned Star Wars charity costuming club in the world as well as basic armor building for Mandalorians.


Moderator-Sal Attinello aka Kaden”Dha Runi

Sal is the Clan Administration Officer of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.  He has been in the Mercs for 6 years, and has taken part in many charity events on behalf of the club.  He records all  member activity and approves new chapters within the club.

Speaker- Ernest Rios, Jr. aka Erio J’uni

Ernest is the Alor’ad  (President) of the Manda’galaar Clan (L.A. chapter) of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.  Cosplaying since 2002 he had found his calling helping various charities and with the Mercs and hopes to continue helping others through his passion for Star Wars.

Speaker- Ivonne Rios aka Icar “The Red” R’vala’a

Ivonne a Ruus’alor (Sgt. at Arms) for Manda’galaar and one of the first female members of the clan.  A member since 2013, she has been helping others from multiple cosplay communities achieve their goals of a great looking costume, no matter the focus.

Speaker- Emily Jackson aka Kyramla Redalur

Emily has been cosplaying for just over a year.  After getting her first taste of the costuming world, she stumbled upon the Mandalorian Mercs.  One of Manda’galaar’s newest members, she was able to create a character that feels like It was part of the Star Wars universe.

Speaker- Vic Sanchez aka Vexos

Vic is the Ver’alor (vice president) of the Manda’galaar Clan (L.A. chapter) of the Mandalorian Mercs.  First joining the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club back in 2014 and becoming an official member in 2015, he’s attended over 50 troops since becoming official and has taken advantage of all of the great opportunities to work with the Make A Wish Foundation, orphanages, hospitals, libraries and schools.  He’s in it for the kids!

Speaker- Kai King aka P’kulz Jaro

A member of Teren clan from northern California. Kai, an official member since 2015, had accrued countless memories working with different charities, including the SPCA, Children’s events, and various others. Kai has welcomed and mentored countless recruits all across California and beyond.


Voice Over Panel

Time: 3:00PM-4:00PM Meeting Room 202 A

This panel will present voice actors that offer advice and share experiences in the industry for individuals interested in the profession of voice-acting.

VO Completed


Speaker-Dominic Catrambone
Dominic has voiced hundreds of projects, notably including: Animation: Dawn of the Croods, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SD Gundam, Galactik Football; Video Games: Turbo Super Stunt Squad, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Starhawk, Saint’s Row, Jade Empire; Promo: FOX, Disney XD, HBO, CBS, HGTV; Commercial: Ross, McDonald’s, Little Debbie, Mitsubishi, Taco Bell, Kellogg’s Froot Loops.

Speaker-Jeremy Kent Jackson

Jeremy’s work has been on :Avengers Assemble, Judge Dredd: Superfiend Video Games: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (MoCap & VO), Battlefield Hardline, Far Cry 3, Dynasty Warrior, Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, Red Dead Redemption, Full Spectrum Warrior, Lost Planet II, Blur Commercial: Ben Ten, Pizza Hut, Mattress Pro, Dominos, DirecTV, Hyundai, and On-Camera: Currently regularly recurs as Douglas Davenport on Disney XD’s Lab Rats

Speaker-Lindsey Alena

Lindsey has VO experience as both casting director and talent.  Performance credits include: Video Games: Grand Theft Auto V, Alpha Protocol; Promo: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, NBC, HGTV, Music Choice; Commercial: Red Robin, Cookie Jam, Proactiv, Fabletics, Toshiba, Walmart; Radio Imaging: 96.1SRS, WALK97.5; Animation: Tobuscus, leading role in the upcoming feature DEEP.

Speaker-AJ LoCasio

AJ is best known for voicing Marty Mcfly in “Back to the Future: The Game,” & has voiced everything from Videogames to Disney Animation. He currently voices Thunk in “Dawn of the Croods,” Emmet in “Lego Movie 4D” & Jack in “Evolve.” AJ voice-matches for such celebrities as: Chris Pratt, Aaron Paul, Harrison Ford & Tom Hiddleston.

Kids Can Cosplay: How Your Kids Can Enjoy Cosplaying

Time: 3:00PM-4:00PM Meeting Room 202 B

We have helpful hints, techniques and some do’s and don’ts that your child can learn to enjoy cosplaying! Come meet some amazing kid cosplayers that will speak from their experiences.


Moderator-Jay Holliday

Kids Can Cosplay is a Non-Profit Organization group that bring smiles to kids all over. We do many charity events and visitations throughout southern California at hospitals, homeless shelters and other private groups, entertaining kids with cosplayers, activities, stories and gifts.

Speakers-Kid Danger,Kid Surfer Cosplay, Miley Tiny Thunder, Lizzie Perales, and Scarlett Phox


Body Confidence and Positivity in Cosplay:

Time: 3:00PM-4:00PM Meeting Room 202 C

This panel will discuss the response to the criticism,negative feedback,rejecting and shaming of cosplayers within a convention community. Learn how our panelists turned this inappropriate behavior into a positive outlook, and how cosplay can inspire confidence and others.


ModeratorLily Moose

Pinup girl, healthy living/fitness enthusiast, total nerd, model and blogger. Her blog is centered around her personal style and her passion for a healthy lifestyle, body confidence and self-care! She also loves to cosplay for funsies, her favorite character to cosplay is Ariel! Ariel’s bright and sunny disposition is easy for her to portray because, it is very much just like her own bright and sunny personality

Speaker- Dustbunny

Dustbunny has been in the convention scene for over 10 years and is an award winning cosplayer. She is a cosplay costume judge and was invited to be a Cosplay Senpai at Anime Expo 2015 .Dustbunny has a genuine heart for making costumes and the will to support anyone who has the desire for cosplaying.

Speaker-Michelle Labelle 

With ten years worth of conventions under her belt, this proud Puerto Rican has taken the Cosplay world by storm. Not only a professional entertainer, this activist works with PRISM as a Cosplay Ambassador to aid in creating greater visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ community within the convention circuit.

Speaker-Stephanie Michelle

Stephanie has been dubbed the “anime girl come to life”. Her images have even been posted on IG accounts that ONLY post actual anime girls! Between cosplaying and convention hopping, Stephanie – partnered with Maker Studios – produces a “geek girl and body positive” YouTube series. Whether you’re natural or plastic, everyone is fantastic!

Speaker-Rebecca “Aktrez” Adams

Rebecca is an actress, video producer, gamer, lover of comic books, cosplayer, Whovian, a huge Disney fan and loves spending time fiddling with her camera, vlogging and making costumes of characters she adores. She will soon be launching; an empowering website for women.

Speaker-Ashley Hay

Ashley has been cosplaying since 2008 and her wallet hasn’t stopped crying since. She loves to cosplay funny and fan art interpreted characters to make people laugh or smile. Ashley is also a mini taco & beer enthusiast.

Cosplay Q&A

Time: 3:00PM-3:30PM Meeting Room 204

Whether you’re a cosplayer, thinking of cosplaying, or wondering what the process is of becoming a cosplayer, our Cosplay Q&A gives attendees the chance to ask the questions they seek the answers to. Come join our panelists of professional cosplayers and get a head start to breaking into the cosplay industry!!



Moderator-Loki Hates You

Loki is one of Southern California’s most well loved cosplayers.  If you see him, Say hello!  Take a picture!  Maybe even see if you can catch him at a panel. Don’t be fooled by his name. He’d love to meet you.

Speaker VertVixen

VertVixen has been making costumes since 2013 and has been fortunate enough to win awards in several contests. Her first love is building armor, both with thermoplastics as well as foam. She is obsessed with taking retro characters and breathing new life into them with a fresh design. On top of her costuming hobby she is employed full time as a 3D artist in the video game industry. At heart she is a gamer and an all-around geek. In her free time she likes to make more costumes….because you know, cosplay is more than a hobby it’s a passion :).


Davidson “d-slim” Sim is a California-based cosplayer. Although a regular con-goer since 2008, he didn’t start cosplaying until 2011. He started cosplaying with the intent of it being a “one-and-done.” He has been featured on different media for his cosplay, such as  Kotaku, IGN, Riot Games, and Machinima. He has competed in and won cosplay contests, most recently being a finalist at World Cosplay Summit USA in 2015. His goal is to continuously challenge himself with more difficult projects and help other cosplayers by sharing techniques, and providing tutorials and build logs to leverage off of.

Speaker-Raychul Moore

Raychul’s been gaming since she was 5 years old, has an obsession with collecting action figures and loves prancing around as her favorite superheroes for fun.  Raychul is an internationally known cosplayer with dozens of self-made costumes in her closet and a life-sized Mario Kart in her dining room.

Speaker-Vivid Vivka

Vivid Vivka is a small girl with big cosplay dreams. She has been written about in Maxim about playing Dungeons & Dragons, interviewed by Vice for “Cosplay is not Consent”, and has been on the cover of Cosplay Culture magazine. She loves making armor builds and fantasy costumes, and is excited for her very first La Cosplay Con!

Play Games, Heal Kids: An “Extra Life” Gaming Panel

Time: 3:00PM-4:00PM  Meeting Room 201 B

Members of the Extra Life Los Angeles Guild and the Campus Gamers student organization at California State University, Bakersfield, share their love of gaming and their passion for helping their local children’s hospitals through raising money by playing games. You don’t have to be pro or hardcore, just love games and love kids.

Extra Life

Moderator-Ed Webb

Ed Webb is the founder of the Campus Gamers at CSUB and a ten-time winner of the Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award in the Xbox expertise. He’s also the event coordinator for the Bakersfield “Extra Life” annual group gaming event.

Speaker Charley Ammerman (Extra Life – Los Angeles Guild)

Charley “Mord4k” Ammerman is the founder of the YouTube channel Something Wicked Studios, vice president of Extra-Life LA, and also just some guy who has way too many opinions about video games.

Speaker-Alex Gonzalez(Extra Life – Los Angeles Guild)

Alex ‘Mave’ Gonzalez, a long time gaming enthusiast, fan of 80s Cheesy Action Films, and a self-appointed Zombie Survival Specialist. Saving kids live via Extra Life, one experience point at a time.

Speaker-Dylan Kumar (Campus Gamers at CSUB – Bakersfield )

Dylan Kumar is the current President of Campus Gamers at California State University, Bakersfield. He is a Psychology Major, Novice Cosplayer, and a passionate Gamer.

Speaker-Johnny Gomez (Campus Gamers at CSUB – Bakersfield )

Johnny Gomez is also a Psychology Major, Pokémon Trainer, Novice Cosplayer, world traveler, and volunteer and member of Campus Gamers.

Speaker-Mario Hernandez (Campus Gamers at CSUB – Bakersfield )

Mario Hernandez is a Computer Science Major at CSUB and the Vice President of both Campus Gamers and Japan and Beyond student organizations at CSUB. His hobbies include card games and watching anime.

Speaker-Micah Lazo (Campus Gamers at CSUB – Bakersfield )

Micah Lazo is a member of Campus Gamers, the club that founded the Extra Life event at CSUB. Though not a club officer, she helps out at Extra Life and other fundraising events to raise money for her local children’s hospital.

Speaker-Bar Gomez (Campus Gamers at CSUB – Bakersfield )

Bar Gomez is a MPA graduate at CSUB, volunteer for Campus Gamers. entrepreneur and cosplay designer and champion.

Speaker-Thomas Ponce de Leon (Campus Gamers at CSUB – Bakersfield )

Thomas is a game design professional with a passion for design systems. He leverages over six years of experience working with developers to craft engaging gameplay loops.