LA Cosplay Con After Party- Held in Meeting Room 203

Experience NERDtopia: A place where you can truly be who you want to be, even if you’ve always wanted to be Batman… or rather, ESPECIALLY if you’ve always wanted to be Batman. Join us for a night to honor the Nerd in us all! Feel the freedom to express yourself in a fun and safe environment! Are you ready to Get Nerdy?

 This is the most epic costume party you’ve ever seen. Like a traveling Circus,  it’s all about spectacle, featuring a live performance by Library Bards

It’s a nightclub for people who want to have a good time but don’t enjoy the typical club experience. It’s a place where snobbery, harassment and body shaming are jettisoned in favor of positive interaction, artistic expression and community experience.

 This is a NERDsafe event, which is a code of conduct that stops the social stigmas, hierarchies and hostility of the typical club experience. We provide an environment where the Un-Cool are Cool, the rejected are celebrated and the hottest thing on the dance floor is a creative mind.


 LIBRARY BARDS-“The Library Bards are a nerd parody band consisting of Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest) and Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds). They take Top 40 hits and transform them into the nerdy versions they should have been in the first place! With their catchy tunes and nerdy lyrics, the @LibraryBards will be bringing you into the #BardLife in no time!”


DJ QuickPheet-

DJ QuickPheet will be our main DJ for this years LA COSPLAY CON. Quick Pheet knows how to get the party going and keep your feet moving!!