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COSPLAY CONTEST TO BEGIN AT 6:00PM  After Hour Party To Follow

The Cosplay Contest is a costume competition that focuses on craftsmanship and stage presence. Judges will be looking for level of difficulty, skills used in costume creation, stage presence and creativity. The competition is open to groups and individuals. All skill levels are welcome. Costumes may be from mainstream media or original designs. All costume judges come from professional costuming and creative backgrounds.

Hosts:  Bernie Bregman & Aktrez

Cosplay Judge



JUDGES: Lauren Matesic, Angi Viper, Raychul Moore, & Kelly Cercone

Judges Final Post



Judge: Lauren Matesic

An award-winning designer from the internationally renowned Castle Corsetry, Lauren has designed and built hundreds of corsets and custom costume orders specializing in impeccable cosplay recreations. As a geeky girl herself, Lauren’s enthusiasm makes her work truly exceptional.”

Judge: Angi Viper

Angi is an avid cosplayer, performer, wig stylist, makeup artist and crafter who has been cosplaying since 2000.  Since then, she has created hundreds of costumes, wigs and props for herself and others and started a successful commission business through which she provides high quality costume recreations and original designs.

Judge: Raychul Moore

Raychul’s been gaming since she was 5 years old, has an obsession with collecting action figures and loves prancing around as her favorite superheroes for fun.  Raychul is an internationally known cosplayer with dozens of self-made costumes in her closet and a life-sized Mario Kart in her dining room.

Judge: Kelly Cercone

A butcher, a baker, a costume maker.
An avid cosplayer, designer and craftsperson of one of a kind costumes and fashions.  Kelly’s work has turned heads at conventions and competitions alike.  She can most often be found behind the scenes working on many of your favorite Geeky TV shows and Films.



Categories & Prizes:

Best Costume-

Best Group or Couple-

Best kids costume-

Best Hero-

Best Villain-

*All Cash prizes will be in form of  VISA, MasterCard, or Amex gift card.


All contestants are required to participate in prejudging. Contestants will need to be at Meeting Room 204 at 4:30 PM. During this time, contestants will wait for their name to be called for prejudging.
Contestants will be given 2-3 minutes with the judges to speak about their costume. Groups of 3 or more will receive an additional 2 minutes. This prejudging slot will take place before the cosplay contest begins at 6:00 PM.

Cosplay Contest Rules & Regulations:

1-Contestants can only enter in one category, Individual or Group. Due to the unpredictable size of groups, a prize for each member cannot be guaranteed.
2-No skits during judging or catwalk.
3-No nudity. No costume is no costume.
4-No profanity allowed on stage. That includes messages on signs or clothes.
5-No political or religious statement during the catwalk. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.
6-Do not use any sort of projectile at all! Nothing must leave your person while you are on the catwalk. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.
7-No flashpots, explosive devices, or similar special effects are to be used. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.
8-All prop weapons must conform to the LA Cosplay Con Weapons Policy which can be found here.
9-Costumes must be self-contained.
10-Do not enter or exit the catwalk except at the designated points.
11-Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition.
12-Large elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and/or assistants the contestant brings to help. LA Cosplay Con will not be able to provide assistants.

* Anyone who violates the above  may be disqualified from the competition.




To signup for the contest, please email the following information to eric@crestgroup.com

To download the Cosplay Contest Form please click here.